Not being a Typical Blogger…

Being a blogger in any niche, you tend to be put into a certain group and you have to fit certain criteria, beautiful, classy, long legged and overall expensive looking (if that makes sense). I, on the other hand, don’t fit into any of these, I’m a 5ft uni student from Liverpool… I don’t really scream sophistication.  However, that doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do, and it shouldn’t stop anyone else either. Because not everyone looks like the “typical blogger” and this means that all the rest of us needs some representation from the blogging world. I love reading blogs from real looking people, who are small with imperfections as, this is a real representation of my life at the moment, and I want to relate to the people I am reading.

I love reading blogs such as InTheFrow as she’s literally an inspiration but, her life is totally not relatable to me at all (maybe one day it will be but, right now sadly not aha). One thing that I want is more bloggers who don’t feel like they fit into a mould, can still blog about anything they want to. If you are curvier, blog about the clothes you wear because trust me there are other women out there who need fashion advice about being plus sized. If you are small like me, there are petite people who need help dressing as well. I’m sort of glad I don’t fit into the fashion blogging mould, as it makes me stand out a little bit more and I can hopefully relate more to my readers.

I hope you all have a great night, thanks for reading x

  • Michelle

    I feel the same! I have tried to make my legs look long but it’s not me. And I can’t do my photos like most bloggers. But I’m glad I am being me not just trying to fit in. Great post.

  • I feel like as the blogging community grows it’s getting harder to specify the typical blogger as there’s so many of us! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Totally agree with you here! I’m also petite (5’2″) and I like to see how clothes would look on someone I can identify with. It changes the look so much to be 8″ shorter than the typical model! And I love seeing a bit more into the person behind the blog, rather than just a perfectly curated lifestyle.


  • I love how you mentioned being curvier and talking to those who need advice with fashion! I really want to start doing this but I don’t know how to get photos of myself or anything and I always feel so uncomfortable 🙁 I really think I’m going to make the jump now.

    Much love xx

  • sophia tranter

    I really loved reading this. I loved that you said about reading blogs from real looking people. Reading blogs from those sorts of people are always good as you know they are legit and the best kinds of people to be around. I really liked reading this!

    Sophia xo //

  • Bernice Abuan

    Cute black camisole! I get what you mean that there is a certain “look” most bloggers have but a more open society has meant more niche markets are now ours!

    Bernice | IG @bunnybernice