Blogger Tips – How to make your blog look more professional!

I am not saying that my blog even remotely resembles a professional blog because it doesn’t, I still need to improve certain parts of my own. I myself still need to follow these tips below but, everything comes in due time.  You don’t need to follow any of these tips as everything is personal opinion and also about how much money you have/ are willing to spend. With this being said, when I go onto someone’s blog, there are certain aspects I expect to see, which can be something as small as having their social media accounts on

With this being said, when I go onto someone’s blog, there are certain aspects I expect to see, which can be something as small as having their social media accounts on show or, something as big as having their own domain. To me, these attributes can really take a blog to the next level, and I’m sure all of us bloggers want our babies to look the best they possibly can! (P.S these photos have absolutely nothing to do with blogging at all, but I hope you enjoy my face lol)

Buying your Domain Name

I bought my domain name the same day I actually set up my blog. To me, this was one of the most important parts of running my own blog, I wanted something that was actually mine. Having your own domain looks like you actually own the website (because you do) and you aren’t just part of a bigger business like WordPress. Obviously, the only downside with buying your own domain name is the price, you have to pay each year for your name. I think I pay around £11 for my name and also insurance in case anything goes wrong with it. There are some cheap websites you can get domains from such as GoDaddy, Wix and Blue Host which is where I got mine from.

Professional Templates

For the first couple of weeks when I started my blog I used a preset template from WordPress but, I was going on other peoples and their blogs looked amazing! I didn’t understand why mine didn’t look like that, then I found Pipdig! Which was my life saver, honestly I love this company so much (Think I’ll be buying a new one soon but, more on that later!). Okay, so Pipdig have all these amazing templates that have so many different features, I would say that around 90% of beauty/fashion bloggers use a Pipdig template. They are compatible with WordPress and Blogger so, anyone can use them. The theme I have at the moment is called FireFly and it costs £39. Now, this can be expensive but, I totally think it’s worth it as I personally think my blog looks so much better now than it did before.

Heres their website:

Choosing a Good Name

This was something I didn’t do… but, this may change soon… more on that later haha. Anyways, choosing a good blog name is always important and shouldn’t be rushed as this may be the name you use throughout your blogging career. I tried to think of one what was funny and witty but came up with RachyBlogs… not quite inventive lol. However, I have been thinking of a new name and to do this, I started to think about what I wanted my blog to be about and what niche I wanted to fit into. It can be quite a difficult task to do, especially when you are just starting out but, you can always change it later on down the line.

Getting a Good Header

I also need to follow this tip and get a better header, the best way to do this is by seeking out someone who makes them professionally. As you can probably see mine is not very well made, as I did it myself. There is a blogger who I found on Twitter called EmmyWritesAbout who does some amazing blog headers and blog logos, and I will definitely be using her services when I have the money to re-do my blog. Also, it’s no better feeling than helping a fellow blogger, and I am very happy to do so!

Emmys Twitter // Emmys Instagram

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and if you have any other tips make sure to leave them down below! Thanks for reading.

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  • Thank you for sharing this, some really good tips! I’m definitely considering buying my own domain name, I think it may be about time as I approach my third year of blogging!

    Gabija | EveryLittleThing Blog

  • I totally agree with these tips! Buying your domain just makes the world of difference especially as you’re able to build up your DA score which is vital x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  • I agree with all of these tips! I wish I bought my own domain straight away. Having your own site that looks professional makes you professional, brands want to work with you more, people want to read your content more! It is just 10x better x

  • What helpful tips! Gotta buy my domain someday…