A Girls Striped Shirt Dream, ft #Sunglasses

If you’re thinking, there’s something different about me, you my friend are very observant! I cut all my hair off, I mean if you count down the stripes on my top above I was on number 21, and now it barely gets to stripe number 1. So, yeah I  had a lot cut off. But, I do actually prefer it shorter, it’s so much easier to handle and I got to donate it to a lovely charity called the Little Princess Trust. That’s basically all that’s been happening in my life recently, pretty boring really.

However, I now have a new found love for t-shirts. They are so comfy and you can wear them with anything, some jeans, go for it. Tailored trousers, why not? A long flowy skirt, of course! They take a more formal outfit to a casual level, and they can also be paired with an oversized blazer as well, just to add a little bit more professionalism back into it, especially for workwear. Currently, my favourite place to buy t-shirts has to be ASOS, and not just any t-shirt but their ultimate crew neck t-shirts. I don’t know why, but these fit perfectly and I love the length of the sleeves. I have linked a few stripe Tee’s below if you are interested in buying any. Sadly, the one I have is going out of stock fast but, there are still plenty more on their website.

ASOS T-Shirts

ASOS – Ultimate Crew Neck T-shirt  (Navy & White)

ASOS – Ultimate Crew Neck T-Shirt (Pink & White) 

ASOS – Stripe T-Shirt with Roll Sleeve 


Hashtag Sunglasses – #BlackOnBlack

However, this blog post isn’t just about my love of t-shirts, but, it’s also about Hashtag Sunglasses. Who is based online, and sell hundreds of different styles of sunglasses for a responsible price. I did team up with Hashtag Sunglasses so I could give you a 10% off discount code and free express delivery, “NewShades4You” because who doesn’t love new sunnies? The style I chose to get are aviators and their name is #BlackonBlack. I do get 80’s police show vibes from them but, I’m living for them.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and make sure to leave a comment down below about how your day is going!

Thanks for reading, Rachy xoxo