Dressing The Way You Want To!

The funny thing about these photos is, the fact that I’m literally posing the same way in each one, and it looks like I’m ready to post some letters. I feel like this post should be called “My Love of PostBoxes” but, you bloggers out there will know that anywhere is a possible photo shoot location.

Anyways, let’s get into the blog post, which is all about dressing the way you want to, and why you shouldn’t care what other people think. I personally fall victim to this all the time, I have those daft moments where I think “people are going to stare at me if I wear this.” But, this is just a silly thought, and if someone does have a problem with my outfit that’s their fault and they need to get a life quite frankly. I don’t personally understand why I think like this because I don’t dress that unusual, and by this I mean I’m not that experimental with my clothing.

However, when I do wear something quite strange like my fluffy mules featured in my last post, I feel like people are staring at my feet and wonder why I’m wearing a dead animal (obvs they aren’t real fur). The people staring don’t know they aren’t real, and I get some funny looks from people walking past. This particularly doesn’t bother me, it’s still a bit strange having random people in Tescos staring at my feet… I wonder if anyone else has this happen to them as well? If it does, it really shouldn’t stop you from wearing what YOU want to wear because you have every right to your own fashion choices. If you want to wear that bright pink spotty dress, you go for it!

There are also “fashion rules” that “should” be followed but, I’m going to do another blog post about that later. But, there shouldn’t be any such thing as rules to fashion, especially when you like what you are wearing. This blog post is quite short and all over the place really and a little bit of a rant (In quite a well-mannered way really) but, still a rant nonetheless, I’m not even sure I’m getting my point across haha, it just bugs me when people think they have a right to make me feel uneasy about the clothing I like.

I hope you could make sense of this post, and if you have experienced the same kind of things make sure to leave it down in the comments. Thanks for reading!

Top – ASOS

Pants – MissGuided 

Shoes – Zalando 

  • Food & Baker
  • I love the idea behind this post and I totally agree that you shouldn’t be policed for what you wear and that fashion shouldn’t have any rules! I love the outfit your wearing especially the Tshirt x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  • Courtney

    I get this feeling all the time but for oppeesite reasons than people might think I get judged cause I’m to plain and get told I’m young I should be experimenting with my style. So I can definitely relate to this post

  • carla

    I often worry about what people think of what I’m wearing so I can definitely relate! It’s always helpful to remember that you can wear what you want at the end of the day.

    Carla x

  • Eva

    Loving this outfit! You’re right – we have no need for fashion rules, we should always just dress the way we want to – fashion should be fun, after all!