Pureology Smooth Perfecting Shampoo Review!

Taking care of your hair is an important thing to do, you want it looking nice and healthy for everyone to enjoy. One of the ways of doing this is by buying a more expensive shampoo and conditioner. I personally didn’t want to spend around £30 for hair care but, after actually using it and seeing the benefits it has given, I wouldn’t go back to using a drugstore brand.

I have coloured, curled and straighten my hair for years, I wish I hadn’t, but, sadly I have. To be honest, I still do to this day. That’s why getting a shampoo and conditioner what actually does the things it claims to do is fantastic. Everyone’s hair needs a bit of love, and this shampoo has worked wonders for mine.

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Pureology Smooth Perfecting Shampoo and Conditioner 

These are the Pureology Smooth Perfecting Shampoo and Conditioner, it is sulphate free, tries to control frizz, protect colour and infuse hair with a host of nourishing oils. I mean it sounds like a pretty good product from the description. Which I can say, it does actually do these things. However, my hair still isn’t in the best condition, that’s still part of my own fault. But, these two products have really helped me bring my hair back to life. They aren’t too expensive either, both of these together come to £25 and they have lasted me for a couple of months. I do sadly have to pick up new ones soon because these two have run out now but, they are well worth the money.

I don’t think anyone should assume that just by using these two products your hair will instantly be super healthy. You still need other products that are best suited for your hair type, that’s why I’m going to invest in other products as well. As I’ve now seen the benefits of using better-branded products for your hair.

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  • I’ve never tried this brand before but it sounds really good! x


  • I recently decided to embrace my natural waves/curls, and have really found that buying a bit more expensive hair products does make the world of difference! I cut out sulfates and silicones; at first my hair looked so dull, but now it’s in its best shape! I would have never guessed how much of a difference shampoo actually makes!