Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash – Review

Recently Garnier, who are the queens of micellar water, brought out a micellar gel wash and you knew I had to run out and get it! I love all of there other Micellar products, and I was excited to see if this one was just as good, or even better. This one claims to remove all make-up, cleanse and soothes your skin. I wanted to put these claims to the test, to see if it lives up to its name.

On the Boots website, where I picked this up, this is what they put as the product information.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash, with grape extract, lovingly captures make up and dirt like a magnet, to remove make up without leaving the skin feeling dry or tight. Removes make up from the face, eyes and lips. Micellar technology acts like a magnet to remove dirt and make up.

What I Thought 

Like I said before, I love Garnier’s Micellar water, and I was assuming I would love this as well. And guess what? I do! However, I would never just use one product to take off my makeup, as I never feel that one product can do that job alone. I would always use face wipes, micellar water, the gel wash and then a cleanser, to make sure everything is off my face. This doesn’t take away on how I feel about this product. It does do everything it claims, maybe not to the extent its claiming but, it will take your makeup off. Especially for the price you are paying for it, in boots right now its only £2.66 and you are getting 200ml and its quite a big bottle.

Buy Here – Gel Wash

I’m really happy with this product, I would happily buy it again, probably more for the price because it is so cheap. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, and if you have tried this before make sure to leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading, Rachy xoxo

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  • Anaelle Jordane

    I had no idea this product existed! It seems great and I will definitely give it a try! Thanks for sharing xx

    – Anaelle | goldenmemos.blogspot.com

  • Oooh sounds interesting! I wasn’t crazy about the garnier micellar water so I’ll probably end up passing on this…although I’m not sure if it’s even available in the US in the first place! Have you tried using a cleansing oil or cleansing balm? While I love micellar waters a cleansing oil does a much better job at removing all my makeup in one take 😀

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  • Sounds amazing, the minute I saw this on your IG – I wanted to read more and now I really want to try it! I think this and micellar water would be a great combo.

    Naya // http://www.partyparrotblog.com

    • rachyblo

      Ah that’s great! And that’s how I use it, with micellar water as well and they both work amazingly!

  • This sounds pretty neat! It looks like something that might be perfect for light makeup or no makeup days.