Lets have a Chat about Body Confidence…

Body confidence is something what so many of us fall victim to, and feel embarrassed about. Myself included, when I see someone who loves there body and owns everything about themselves, I so long to be like them. I can put my hand up and admit that I’m not a big person, I would never say that I am fat or overweight because, to me thats offensive to the people who are actually in that place. This is not be bragging or saying “look at me I’m thin” its me trying to show an understanding for the people in that position.

However, even though I am not considered to be a “bigger person”, I still know what its like to have changing body. I’ve put on weight, lost weight and put even more on. All because of todays society! I absolutely hate the fact, that many young people are falling into this trap that we have to look perfect because “society” says so! This is outrages, YOU should get fit and healthy because YOU want to not because someone else says so! Don’t get me wrong, I think its really important to be healthy, it benefits you in so many different ways and living a healthy lifestyle is something what I do want to achieve. But, certainly not because I care what other people think about my body. I want to do it because I want to live for a longer amount of time, and feel confident in myself.

With saying this, you don’t need to have a supermodels model to feel confident, if you are happy with yourself then keep doing what you’re doing. NEVER let anyone make you feel bad for the way you look, I don’t see how my body can have an affect on your life. Some people need to keep their negativity to themselves, and look at their own life before they start passing judgement onto others. This is something what really pisses me off, for example, last year when I went on holiday I couldn’t bring myself to wear a bikini. I wear a size 8! I know so many people would love to be my size, and still I’m sitting here like “what if people don’t like my body?” Who the fuck cares? Honestly, I’ve never sat around a pool on holiday and thought to myself ” wow that woman over there shouldn’t be wearing that bikini because she looks fat” Thats a horrible thought, and if you have had this thought you should be ashamed, she properly loved the way she looked and felt super confident. No one has the right to take that confidence away from someone.

What I’m Wearing 

Top – NewLook

Jacket – Newlook (Similar)

Jeans- ASOS

Shoes – Unknown

Sunglasses – Miss Guided (Similar)

I saw recently that a TV star who has lost a lot of weight said that “all fat people are unhappy” this is a ridiculous statement to make, and is false in so many different ways. Chantelle who was off Big Brother thought back and said “trying to live a healthy lifestyle is hard work, knowing what you can and cant eat is exhausting” Even when I personally start to watch what I’m eating, it takes a tole on my life. I crave for unhealthy foods, and when I do end up eating that Pizza I hate myself for it.

There has always been a stigmatism towards bigger people, but never nothing about models walking on catwalks with bones sticking through their chest. Both are considered to be unhealthy but, ones idolised in todays society. Something has to change, so our children don’t feel like they need to fit into a “perfect society” because, believe you me, perfection doesn’t exist.

I know this was a bit of rant, but to me this is something what needs ranting over. If you have any opinions on this subject please leave a comment down below, I would love to hear your side on this.

Thanks for reading, Rachy xoxo