The List of Beauty Things I Suck At!

Beauty can be hard task for anyone, and bloggers are no exception! I find it quite funny thinking about the things I’m awful at regarding my makeup. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that famous line “yep, I’m not going out!” because my bronzer looks like mud or i’ve got clown cheeks from applying too much blusher. Whatever the makeup disaster that strikes that day, I always like to remind myself that one day I will get better. (Well, Hopefully haha.)

Well, heres a list of things what I totally suck at, I hope you enjoy!

Thing’s I Suck At! 


Does anyone else have this relationship with their eyeliner, where you want to throw it in the fire every time you use it? Yeah, same…! I have days where I say to myself, “Im gonna do a little wing today” and end up covering my whole eyelids with liner, this wasn’t the look I was going for haha. I really don’t understand how these girls get their eyeliner so perfect, PLEASE teach me! 


I love the look of eyeshadows and I love buying eyeshadow palettes but, for some reason I just can’t apply it like these YouTube gals. I mean I haven’t had any experience and I haven’t been applying makeup that long but, should that really matter? haha! I’m joking of course, I really should practice and buy some better brushes but, its all in due time haha.

Fake eyelashes 

I think I’m generally bad with eye makeup in every way, the only thing I can do is apply mascara, and who can’t do that? Lashes are things what i’ve bought so many times, tried to apply them and just ended throwing them in the bin! I hate them so much, I don’t think my eyes are meant to have makeup on at all haha.

Washing my makeup brushes 

Okay, I do wash them, just not as often as I should. It just takes so much time and effort, I personally don’t have time for that sh*t. I wish I could have a little brush elf who would wash them for me, how cool would that be?!?

Shaping my eyebrows

I think majority of people have this problem, who the hell can shape their eyebrows to have them look the way they want them to? Certainly not me, I find it impossible! I’ve had times in my life where they are stick thin, and I’ve had times where they are overgrown. Neither of these are the looks I’m going for haha.

There you have it, the list of beauty things I suck at! Is there anything you suck at, anything on the list above? Leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading,

Rachy xoxo

  • Francisca

    I relate to every single one of these, haha! So sad. Lovely post! xx

    Francisca |

    • rachyblo

      the struggle is real isn’t it aha and thank you, glad you liked it! x

  • I’m awful at eyeliner too! I can always do one eye well and the other one just never goes right! x

    • rachyblo

      Yeah I’m totally the same aha, so annoying x