Is the Double Wear Foundation really worth the hype?

Estee Lauder double wear foundation

I feel like I’m a bit late on to this band wagon as, everyone and their grandmother has tried this foundation. Then theres me, just buying it now after 5+ years of it being out, where have I been?!?

Well, now that I have it, I can give you an honest review on what I think and wow, didn’t my opinion change. But, first i’ll give you some information on what this product claims to do.

Foundation Background Information

“15-hour staying power. Flawless all day. This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity. Won’t change colour, smudge or come off on clothes. Feels lightweight and comfortable. Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.” – Estee Lauder website

It has 44 shades, which is a lot for a business to do but, obviously this is a good thing as, more people of different skin colours can use it. I got mine in 1W1 Bone. I would personally say that this foundation is for oily to normal skin and it has a matte to satin finish. The cost of this foundation is £31, and that is very expensive well, for me anyways.

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When I’m writing this right now, I haven’t worn it all day yet. But, after I give my first thoughts Im going to write a bit at the end on how it lasted and if I do truly like it or not.

esteem lauder double wear foundation

First Impressions

So, lets get onto my first impressions. The first thing what caught my eye was the bottle, it is unbelievably stunning. I love the glass bottle and the gold lid, it just looks elegant and chic. However, it doesn’t have a pump and this means you will waste a lot of product when tipping it out. Although, this can be a problem, you can buy a pump from eBay for like £5 or something. So, it isn’t all bad. But, for the price you would think you would get a pump or something to make it easier.

When I first applied it to my face I HATED IT! I don’t know what happened? It was literally coming off my face the minute I put it on. It was the strangest thing ever, and something I have never experienced before. I do normally go for dewy foundations but, I have tried mattes before and this has never happened. Another weird thing what happened was, it literally wouldn’t stay on my nose, when I touched it, it came off. It was sticking to my skin in clumps and looked so horrible.

But, after I took it off I could see that my skin wasn’t looking too great, in the sense of, that I haven’t exfoliated or anything in quite a while. So, this is what I did. I exfoliated, cleansed and did a face mask to try and get my skin to a normal state. It worked my skin was feeling super smooth and looked alright. Therefore, I tried the foundation again a day later and I do have to say I did really like it.

My skin looked airbrushed in the mirror, I was quite shocked that it actually worked. Thats why I said before that I felt this foundation was more for oily to normal skin people, as it will stick to your dry patches. So, right now its a bit a hit and miss. I do really like it but, only when my face is at its best, this probably means I won’t be able to wear it every day, maybe in the summer but, not right now.

Final Thoughts 

Im writing this part the day after, as I have now worn it for a full day and I can actually tell you about the lasting power and if it does live up to its name.

So, i’ve had this foundation on for around 8 hours and wow! It looks the exact same to when I put it on, I actually can’t believe it. It isn’t too full coverage on me but, I do apply concealer and that does help. I really do think this foundation could go on for a couple more hours and it would still look perfect. The only place where it didn’t stay was around my nose but, I do get this with every foundation I have. The best thing about this was, I didn’t have to set my face with a powder and it still stayed all day! I would recommend this foundation but, if you have dry skin beware! I did have some problems but, they do seem to have gone now which is good.

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  • abigail

    I’ve been looking at this foundation myself and wondering if the hype is really worth it. I have quite oily skin so this may be a good product for me to try! Great review.


    • rachyblo

      Yeah I think this foundation would be really good for you! Thanks for reading x

  • Joyce Lau

    I’ve yet to try this foundation too, I have very sensitive skin and break out easily so I don’t know if it is for me, did it change in different environments i.e. my skin becomes more dry in places that have air con. Great review!

    Joyce x

    • rachyblo

      I went out all day in different weather conditions and it lasted very well, so I think you’ll be alright in that sense. I can’t really say to the sensitiveness of the foundation sorry! But thanks for reading ☺️ x

  • This is my all-time favourite foundation!

    xo, Liz

  • I tried this foundation and I have oily skin and love full coverage but this just didn’t stop me getting oily at all no matter what powder or primers I used. The one full coverage I am obsessed with is the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear it is incredible.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | Instagram

    • rachyblo

      I wonder who can actually wear this foundation then? Just people with normal skin aha. I’ve never tried that one before, might have to give it ago! Thanks for reading x