Blogging Tips – How to Keep your Blog Life Organised!

Blogging can take up quite a lot of your time, and when you have a lot of other things happening in your life, it can be quite hard to stay organised. So, here are a few tips and tricks I like to do for those busy weeks.

Write Everything Down

No matter what it is, write it down! It could end up actually being really useful. If you are writing multiple different blog posts at one time, you could end up forgetting something or missing vital information out. If you write everything down you won’t have this problem. Once you start to write things down, it can be easier to think of new posts to write about.


Plan your blog posts, plan your photos, plan your wedding if you really wish. Planning will really help you with your blogging, especially as it can be quite a time consuming hobby. I personally like to plan what I’m going to write and when, and also when I’m going to take certain pictures. (Tip: if one day you have really good lighting or, you have a free day make use of it! Take all the pictures you can for your upcoming blog posts, it will really come in handy.) 

Lists, Lists, Lists

I make lists for everything! When I’m out and about and I think of a blog post I want to write, I’ll write it down in my notes page on my phone. When I see a product I want I add it to my list, and if I have any random ideas I make lists on them to look back on. I think one of the main reasons why I love writing lists is because, I’m unbelievable forgettable. I honestly wouldn’t remember anything if I didn’t write it down.


Scheduling is really handy for when you are a part time blogger and have a lot of other things happening. For example, I like to write quite a few blog posts in one day but, you don’t want 4 blog posts going out at the same time. So, what many platforms allows you to do is schedule each post for a certain day and time. This is helpful for you when, you’re out and you cant access you blog but, the post will still go live.

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If you liked this blog post make sure to leave a comment down below on how you stay organised, I’d love to know!

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Thanks for reading, Rachy xoxo


  • Beautiful post! Scheduling is definitely something that helped me be on track with my blog posts. I actually managed to schedule all of my posts for January, and few ones for February. Making a lot of lists of blog posts and things I need to get done is so helpful. xo

    Antonia Sweet Passions

    • rachyblo

      Ah that’s great! I schedule a few at a time that’s all what I can cope with aha! Thanks for reading x

  • Fatima

    Your laptop cover/sticker thing is gorgeous!! Lovely post too 🙂 I love organisation stuff

    Fatima x

  • Love your laptop sticker – absolutely gorgeous! Blogging takes up SO much time – planning is so important! Love your blog 🙂 Lauren |

    • rachyblo

      Thank you, it’s from coconutlane, they do some amazing ones! And I totally agree, thanks for reading x

  • The past 6 months I have become so organised with my blog. Lists is a big part, I make them for everything.

    EmmysBeautyCave | Blog Header Designs | Instagram

    • rachyblo

      I’m totally the same! They just help with everything, thanks for reading x

  • Kaitlin

    I feel like I just read a blog post straight out of my own head – haha! I organize pretty much the same way as you – lists, lists, lists…plan, plan, plan. I love your tip about taking advantage of a free day and taking as many pics as possible. That’s def something I need to start doing!

    – Kaitlin