Things I would like to Achieve in 2017!

Setting myself goals is something what I haven’t done before, I just normally go with flow and see where things take me. However, since I have started my blog, I now have a reason to set some goals which I would actually want to achieve by the end of next year. I think setting goals can be quite beneficial because, it keeps you on track for the whole year so you know what you have to do. But, you cant get discouraged if you don’t meet all your goals because, you always have the following years to come. Some goals are just not that realistic to do in just 1 year but you can certainly get them started!

Heres a list of what I would like to achieve in 2017!

– Grow my Social Media

Social Media plays a huge role for your blog and who actually sees it and reads it. If you have more followers, you should therefore get more readers. So, with this being the case I would love to increase my Instagram and BlogLovin. I would concentrate more on BlogLovin, and I would love to reach a 1000 followers. Right now I’m on 439 so I’m still quite a fair bit away but, hopefully getting to thousand shouldn’t be too hard (I hope haha).

Follow Me On Bloglovin Here (if you wish haha) 

-Get Better Fashion Photos 

Fashion photos are something what I really need to work on, I really want to make fashion posts but, I really don’t like getting my picture taken. This obviously has to do with my confidence which I should work on! I see all these beautiful bloggers take amazing fashion pictures and then I do it and I hate every picture. I hate the way my face looks, I hate the way my body looks and I hate the way the clothes look. Maybe once I get past my confidence issues then i’ll be on my way on improving my fashion photos.

-Go to a Blog Event 

I have never been to a blog event before, and it is something what I wanted to do for a while now. Im obviously not a big blog but, I think meeting other bloggers where I can get advice and feedback from would be so helpful! and you also get to meet some amazing people who are doing the same thing you are so, they know the struggles you’re going through.

-Travel More 

I think this is everyones dream to be able to travel around the world experiencing new and exciting things. But, sadly not everyone can do that and unlucky for me, I’m one of those people. However, I would love to go on Pairs, or even London next year just to explore. I am going on a holiday to Gran Carina but, i’ve been there 5 times now so I think i’ve explored enough of that little island. Its time for somewhere different and being from England means that it isn’t far for me to travel to get to London or Pairs they are literally like 1 hour flights or even less.

-Be More Organised 

Me and organised don’t normally go in the same sentence aha, I don’t plan anything, I literally just go with whatever I’m thinking at that time. This is something what I would like to change, and my new FeelUnique Planner should help me along the way. If you haven’t seen this planner yet you really should go give it a look, its super cute and they are having 50% off so its only £7.50!

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-Getting Fit and Health 

Now this is something what everyone says and more than likely doesn’t do, me included!  Despite this, it is still on my list for 2017 because it is something I really want to do. I did actually start before Christmas and did lose weight, Im still on track now but I’ve only changed my diet and not actually starting exercising  yet. This is something what I would to start in January, Hopefully i’ll stick with it for my Holiday in May so i can rock those Bikinis haha.

If you have written some of your own goals, make sure to leave a comment down below on what you would like to achieve next year,

Thanks for reading, Rachy xoxo

  • These are some great goals, I agree with each and every one of them! I’ve been trying to improve my outfit photos lately and I’m so happy with the progress I have made. Attending a blog event is also something I am yet to do and it’s definitely something I really hope I get to experience in 2017! Wishing you the best of luck for the new year 🙂

    Toni x

    • rachyblo

      I’m very happy that your photos are coming out better! That’s something it really have to work one aha. Aw thank you! And best of luck for the new year to you too 😊 x

  • All your goals are very similar to what I would like to achieve in 2017, good luck with them all!

    • rachyblo

      Well I hope you achieve everything you want to! And thank you so much, have a great 2017 x

  • Brenda Lynon

    I just found your blog! ‘m starting a blog as well at coming soon

    • rachyblo

      oo i’ll have to keep an eye out for it! x

  • Natalia Cooke (The Petite Expl

    A great list. Travel more should be on everyone’s list, even if it’s just to new city an hour away.

    • rachyblo

      I totally agree! Thanks for reading x